Small group & open all level classes participants: 

“Thank you so much for being a wonderful and very patient Forrest yoga teacher.
Your passion and commitment to this art is exceptional and your dedication to me as a beginner was exemplary. Thanks to your inspiring and insightful instruction, I now have a new love and understanding of life and how my body works. You have helped me to learn how to relax and enjoy some me time. Thank you for the opportunity to practise Forrest yoga with you. You are an amazing teacher with extraordinary talents. Your healing energy, calmness and spiritual power are exceptional gifts that you use so well.” – Adam M.

“Yoga sessions with Hilke left me rejuvenated and more in touch with my breath for the rest of the week. She was attentive and kind to everyone and helped the class to remain in tune with their body and breath. Hilke was always 100% present and dedicated to her students getting the best out of yoga. Classes were also great for muscle toning and strength. Highly recommend and most holistic yoga I’ve ever done!” – Sarah M.

“Hilke is a nurturing, patient and generous person and teacher who inspires me to explore myself and my world through Forrest Yoga. No matter what the circumstances, she maintains a consistent and high level of spirit and attention to her teaching that makes each student in her class feel as though she were speaking directly and only to them.”  – Myriam B.

“I used to be a hardcore runner and came to yoga because of some back issues. I need a lot of instruction and correction and I all get it in Hilke’s class. What I appreciate most is that Hilke doesn’t just hold the class. She cares a lot of her students and gives anything to support them. I would not go anywhere else.” – Kirsten H.

Private Class participant

Forrest Yoga está a abrir um conjunto de portas que anteriormente considerava inacessíveis, inalcançáveis ou simplesmente não as conhecia.

Eu nunca fui muito adepto de ginásios convencionais com o objetivo de trabalhar contra as máquinas, mas descobri no Forrest Yoga um caminho para um bem estar físico fantástico apenas trabalhando com o nosso corpo.

Estou a praticar Forrest Yoga à quase 3 meses e sinto uma transformação positiva enorme. As aulas de Forrest Yoga preparadas pela Hilke conseguem combinar o trabalho físico, com conforto e alegria de uma forma fantástica! De uma forma muito singular as aulas têm me permitido trabalhar a ligação entre o corpo e mente com benefícios evidentes na minha saúde e bem-estar.

Alimentação A prática continuada tem feito com que de uma forma espontânea eu tenha alterado a minha alimentação. Comecei a comer alimentos mais naturais e com enorme satisfação percebi que me dão muito mais prazer comer e ao mesmo tempo têm benefícios muito evidentes na melhoria do bem-estar geral e perda de excesso de peso.

– G. Melo


Patients at the Eating Disorder Program Unit of the Royal Melbourne Hospital (VIC, Australia):

“Thank you Hilke for helping me discover my love for yoga. You are a wonderful yoga teacher, you are very inspiring, and I hope that others will have the opportunity to practice with you. Thank you so much Hilke, honestly for being part of our journey.”

“Hilke is an amazing yoga instructor. She has such a calming nature which she uses in her practise and teaching. After 100% of sessions, I have felt more grounded and relaxed than beforehand. Definitely a top yogi! Thanks for volunteering your time. It’s been very beneficial.”

“Hilke’s yoga gave us the opportunity to focus on our body in a healthy way, and reminded us how strong we are and what our bodies can do. It acted as a peaceful time away from the program which can be emotionally overwhelming. In yoga we took time out to focus on our breathing and bring us back to the present day. It has helped me in my recovery by introducing me to yoga, and mindfulness, and helping me slow my thoughts down. Hilke creates a supportive and non-judgemental environment. It was one of the highlights of the program.”

“Yoga has been very important in my recovery because it helped me appreciate my body for the things it can do, I have a sense of gratitude that is slowly replacing rejection. I am also learning  to be more humble and to accept my limitations and the things about me that I tried so hard to change. I feel like yoga has helped me gain a sense of awareness that wasn’t there before. And the combination of all this and the work and therapy that we do in the program has helped me feel more hopeful towards the future, towards recovery.”

Names have not been included due to patients confidentiality.

*Photos by AGV